Church Etiquette

1. In order to avoid walking into services late, leave home earlier.
2. Turn off watch alarms and cell phones during services.
3. Similar to the common sense move on longer car trips, use the restroom just before services.
4. Don’t bring food or drinks into church services.
5. Don’t be somewhere else in the building drinking coffee, fellowshipping, etc. when you should be in church services.
6. Write notes to yourself so that you can tell all of the enlightening things you have to say after the service rather than during the church service.
7. Suits and dresses are not required, but consider how the way you dress relates to respect or disrespect for God.
8. Don’t walk out of services during the invitation.
9. If you must have a certain cough drop or candy enclosed in a crackling wrapper, unwrap as many as needed for church and put them in a noise-free container.
10. Wait until services are dismissed before zipping up your Bible cover!

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