North Burma Christian Ministry

It has been estimated that, by God’s grace, over a million Asian people have been impacted through the extended work of NBCM over a period of 90 years. Christianity is being taken by a network of believers into villages and cities over a multi-country span.

The work began in China by J. Russell and Gertrude Morse. As their children and grandchildren moved into Burma and on into Thailand, a string of national believers were trained to continue the work. Lisu, Lahu, Rawang, and many other tribes have sent out leaders in their own communities and into new unreached territories across the area.
Since 1972, when the Morse’s relocated in Thailand, this network has branched in many directions with indigenous pastors and teachers carrying the message of Jesus Christ.

Other missionary co-workers have joined the Morse family over the years bringing their own expertise and vision into the mission. The work continues on and expands as each new believer picks up the baton and runs the race.

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