Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser – Feb 11th

We’re having a spaghetti luncheon fundraiser after the Sunday Worship Service on February 11th!
We’ll be serving spaghetti in the fellowship hall right after our morning worship. We’re asking everyone to donate at least $7 for each meal that will include spaghetti, side salad, and a drink.
The proceeds will be used to purchase equipment needed by a new church in Chicoloapan, Mexico visited in November by the ERCC missions team.
But Wait….There’s More!
Funds raised from an auction of 10 desserts donated by ERCC cooks will also be used to support the mission need.

Giving Offerings Electronically

If you are interested in providing your offering to God using the safe, modern electronic method, ERCC offers that choice.   It’s been in place since late 2019 and has seen increased popularity as cash and checks have continued to take a back seat to electronic banking in today’s financial environment.

The program we usei, called “Tithely” is one used by millions of Christians in thousands of churches.

You can give electronically directly from a bank account, credit card, or debit card.

There are 3 ways to use it:
1)  Downloading the Tithely app to your smartphone (more info HERE)
2)  Use a form found by clicking on the blue GIVE ONLINE button in the upper right corner above.
3)  Via a Text Message (more info HERE)

Instructions for each online giving method is available under the “GIVING METHODS” menu option above..  If you have any questions , or problems, please send an email to Jerry Kline at