1 Hour Delay on October 29th!

On Sunday, October 29th, our morning classes and worship services will start 1 hour later than normal. 

 10:00 am:  Bible Study (Sunday School)
 11:00 am:  Worship Service

NOTE:  This is a one time change for October 29th ONLY!

Harlandale Christian Church is celebrating their 75th anniversary that Sunday.  The Walton family has a long history of service in that congregation and has invited Phillip to preach for them. We will be “Simulcast” broadcasting his sermon in the ERCC auditorium while he is preaching in Harlandale Christian Church using our big screen projection system, so we’ll be joining their celebration virtually!

To accommodate Harlandale’s schedule for this special event, we need to start our service an hour later than normal.

Please come on October 29th for this special event, but come 1 hour later than normal!

[stextbox id=”alert”] October 29th Schedule at ERCC:
10:00 am:  Bible Study (Sunday School)

11:00 am:  Worship Service[/stextbox]

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