March 29th Worship Service

With the “Stay at Home” order that is now in effect for San Antonio, the worship service at ERCC on Sunday, March 29th will ONLY be available online.  A live stream of an entire service will be offered via the internet.  Do not come to the church on Sunday.  Obey the direction to stay at home, but watch the service live via the internet. During the city’s stay at home order, this is the only way churches are allowed to present a service.

Last Sunday we were only able to present Phillip’s sermon, but we now have the license required to include music in our live stream, so the plan is to present a “normal” worship service, as much as practical. The only thing missing will be ya’ll!

The link for the live stream will be posted shortly before 10:00 am on Sunday at:

The service will include the ‘Lords Supper”, so if you desire to participate you must provide the communion elements yourself.  A small piece of bread or cracker, and a small cup with grape juice, or whatever you have is fine.  Although physically separated from your ERCC brothers and sisters, you can still participate at the same time with them during this special portion of our worship service.

Also, since we won’t be able to accept your tithes and offerings at the church, giving online using the “Tithely” program is an excellent option you’re encouraged to consider.   You can check out those methods under the “Giving Methods” option on the menu above. 

Check our website ( for any updates during the week and please consider subscribing to our text message program to receive ERCC news directly on your smart phone.  See the Text Message menu option above to subscribe.


If you have any questions about the live stream service or need more information/assistance, send an email to:

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