Nagaland Orphange Update

The Nagaland Outreach Children’s Ministry is one of several Christian ministries supported by ERCC.  Below is the January update sent from our friend and NOCM director, Elilo Patton:


Dear Family and Friends,

I wish you all a Happy New Year! I trust that all of you had a blessed Christmas, spent with family and loved ones. We all love Christmas here because it is a season filled with praise for what our Savior has done so perfectly! We had a wonderful time with family and church family. The children did a wonderful job of presenting a Christmas play at church on the 25th.
Presents from the ladies’ group at
Red Brush Christian Church
Refreshment after Christmas service
During the months of November and December we have been very busy. We have been focusing on witnessing to the Hindus, Muslims and nominal Christians that live near us. During Christmas time three of them were saved and baptized. Praise God!

The staff is encouraged as we watch the orphanage children put into practice what they have been learning at the orphanage. When most of the children came to the orphanage the 2nd week of January 2011, they didn’t know anything about prayer, song, or the Bible, but now they have learned so much about God and can speak and write in English. Many people have said they were encouraged also to see God through these kids. It is a great blessing to be involved with and be a part of these children’s’ lives and observe how they walk closer to the Lord every day. It is also a big challenge for all the staff but God is faithful and in the midst of us!

The children all passed their final exam! They all received a good grade and some of them received the highest rank in their class. What a blessing! Please continue to keep them in your prayer. We are also praying about bringing in some more orphans this year. Many people request us to take in children. We are praying that whoever the Lord wants to be here will come. So far we are expecting 3 girls to come. I will keep you updated on their arrival. Keep us in your prayers for vision and discernment.
During Kids festival our kids’ got first place
in "Talent Hunt"
They did choreography and Bible recitation!
Kids are enjoying eating outside
since the kitchen is being remodeled
Praying for all the supporters!
Thank you so much for supporting us and praying for us faithfully throughout the years. You are making a huge difference in the lives of these beautiful orphan children in Nagaland India. Thank you all for your ministry that allows us to do God’s ministry here in India!

We also want to thank our Board of Directors for their gracious support and allowing us to remodel and extend out the kitchen and build a living room. Lastly, but not least, I want to thank my spiritual Mom and forwarding agent, Lynn Skonnord, for your selfless help, extensively working so hard for this ministry voluntarily. I have no words to express that without you I don’t know what I would do. May the good Lord continue to bless each and every one of you and your family!

Thank you

Because of Him,

Elilo Patton Ezung

Nagaland Outreach Children’s Ministry

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