ERCC Events through June 28th

Due to continuing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ERCC elders have decided to keep our campus closed throughout the end of June, with the exception of the 10:00 am worship service on Sunday, June 28th.  Masks are required to attend the service.  When inside our building, please follow the health precautions listed below.  The service will also be live streamed on the internet using a YouTube link that can found at before the service begins.  Any changes to the status of ERCC activities will be sent as early as possible. 

The best to be informed about ERCC events now, and throughout the year, is through our text message service.   If you are not already subscribed, there are two ways to get on this list:

     A.  Use the subscription form found here:
     B:  Text the code: EZYSL42186 to number: 313131


1. We love you, but if you have a fever, coughing, sneezing, nausea, achiness, or any flu-like symptom, please stay home!
2. Face masks are REQUIRED when entering and exiting. Please wear your mask until you are seated. If you are 6 feet from other non-family members, you may remove it while at your seat, but must wear it again whenever you leave your seat.
3. Maintain 6 feet separation from non-family members, to the greatest extent possible.
4. Greet others using a smile and wave! Avoid physical contact such as handshaking, “high fives”, and Hugs.
5. The nursery is open for children 3 and under, but all other youth activities are closed, so children should sit with their the auditorium.
6. Every other row of pews in the auditorium is closed. Family members should sit together, but maintain at least 6 feet from others.
7. Restrooms are open, but please limit use. Max occupancy is two.
8. Hand sanitizer is available.
9. During the communion time, a server will bring the elements to you by walking through the closed rows.
10. Bibles and Hymnals have temporarily been removed from the pews, so bring your own Bible!
11. The coffee bar is closed, so bring your own caffeine!
12. The water fountains are off, but small bottles of water are available.

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