Guest Speaker from PBT on May 14th

pruettGreg Pruitt from Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) will be with us on May 14th – He will be preaching that Sunday. Be at church so you can learn more about where your Mission dollars are going and how much good they are doing.

Gregg is a wonderful speaker with a lot of wonderful information about this mission supported by ERCC, so you won’t want to miss being a church May 14th!

Pioneer Bible Translators

For more than 40 years, Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) has been reaching the lost by translating the Bible into to their native language. More than 165 million people in this world do not have the Scriptures in their own language, so PBT is working to provide a translated Bible to each of the world’s people groups by the year 2050.

PBT also assists with evangelism efforts, and ERCC funded a PBT project for an evangelist named Paul Ousman. Paul lives in Guinea (West Africa) and purchased a motorbike so he could travel to villages and preach. He also started a goat farm to provide for and pay for the costs of the motorbike ministry.

Through Bible translation and evangelism, PBT (with support from ERCC) is helping to preach the Gospel worldwide.

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